Digital Smart Wireless Wifi Thermostat for Opentherm Boiler

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Xiamen E-Top Controls Technology Co.,LTD has been a member of Opentherm Association since year 2020. After joining it, ETOP is continuing to developing more opentherm heating controls for opentherm boiler manufacturer and opentherm heating market. ETOP Opentherm Thermostat Features: 1. WIFI remote control; 2. Works with Alexa and Google Assistant; 3. Opentherm modulating communication between boiler and themostat. Thermostat modulates boiler power to achieve max efficiency and comfort; 4. Display room temperature, boiler error codes and DHW temperature regulation; 5. Optimal start and stop function available to maintain a setpoint temperature precisely; 6. 868MHZ frequency, guarantee stable and interference-resistance radio signal; 7. RF range: 150m- in open area

  • Item No.: WT-11
  • WiFi Application: Tuyasmart, Smart Life
  • Voice Control: Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant
  • Frequency: 433Mhz&868Mhz & 2.4Ghz
  • Transmitter : 2*AA battery
  • Receiver : 230Vac/10A
  • Programmability: 7 days 4 periods
  • Packing : Neutral white box or customizable
  • Unti Weight: 0.5KG
  • Cetificate: CE, ROHS, RED
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    The newest innovations are “smart” thermostats. These are usually Wi-Fi connected so you can control them from anytime anywhere in the world via a phone . It is really useful if you’re coming home unexpectedly early or late.
    Etop smart thermostat have their own dedicated app, helping you cool down or turn up the temperature with the tap of a button. Features like Geolocation even keep track of when you’re getting closer to home so your boiler knows to start warming up the house before you arrive through the door.




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  • Name Touch Button Wireless Boiler Heating 
    WiFi Application TuyaSmart, Smart Life, Ecohome Life ( Tuya cloud)
    Wireless Option 433/868mhz
    WIFI 2.4G( Don’t support 5G)
    Transmitter 2*AAA battery
    Receiver 230Vac
    Max. Current 10A (Voltage-free output)
    Set Temp. Range 5~35 ℃
    Ambient Temp. 0~50 ℃
    Relative Humidity 85%
    Sensor Type NTC β=3950 R25℃=10KΩ
    Battery life 1 Year
    Accurancy ±0.5 ℃ 
    Modes MAN/Holiday/PRG Mode
    Programmability 7 days 4 periods
    Window Open Detection Yes
    Child Lock Yes
    RF Distance 100 meter in open area
    Protection Class IP20
    Thermostat Dimension 135x85x26mm
    Receiver Dimension 86x86x26mm
    Materils ABS+PC (Rohs certificated)
    Certificate CE(RED/EMC/LVD), Rohs
    OEM 1. Customized logo and package
    2. Customzied software ( change to customer’s user interface and control logic
    3. Customized hardware ( change the PCB and schematic based on the request)

    What is Room thermostat?

    Boiler room thermostat is a heat control device that helps combi boilers and similar heating devices to provide more comfortable, 25% to 35% energy savings and to keep the temperature of the room in which it is located at a constant level.

    How does the boiler heating thermostat save money?

    Boiler thermostat adjusts the water temperature that your combi will send to your radiators with the degree setting on combi devices and similar heating products. example: you have set your combi boiler to 50°C The combi boiler, which sends hot water to your radiators continuously, works until the temperature of the water returning from your radiators reaches 45 °C, continues to consume energy and your room temperature may rise continuously beyond your control. On the other hand, when a combi device with a room thermostat reaches the room temperature you want on the thermostat, it stops the combi and activates or deactivates the combi when needed by constantly controlling the room temperature to keep it at this temperature. During this time, it saves energy.

    Why should the Room thermostat be digital?

    Digital room thermostats are much more sensitive than mechanical thermostats. With this sensitive temperature measurement, it ensures that your room is always very close to the temperature you want (for example, 0.3 to 0.5°c difference). In mechanical thermostats, this value can measure up to 1°C or 3°C and can create a feeling of hot and cold in the room. Depending on the city you live in, 1°C temperature difference can increase energy consumption between 6% and 8%, and the most suitable room temperature setting is 20 °C or 21 °C. These values ​​are the most ideal room temperature to save energy.

    Are your boiler thermostats compatible with my combi device?

    Our boiler thermostat workable with all combi devices with On-Off connection. The on-off connection on the combi boilers acts as a switch, the room thermostat serves to turn this switch on or off, so it will never damage your combi device, but we recommend that this connection be made by the services. You can learn the on-off connection information of your combi from your service or from the user’s manual of your combi device.

    What does the calibration setting do in E-top thermostats?

    The temperature measurement sensor used in room thermostats is very sensitive. For this reason, they can measure as close to reality, but if you want to see the same values ​​with any thermometer you are using, you can calibrate the measurement you want by decreasing or increasing the calibration values ​​in the settings menu . This value is set to 0 by default.

    When the room thermostat stops my combi, does it affect the combi domestic water?

    While room thermostat is controlling your combi device, it does not affect the domestic water temperature. In all combi boilers, it works outside of the domestic water thermostat control.

    Why Should I use a room thermostat?

     Heating units are indexed to heating the water in the installation due to the working principle. Let’s say your heating unit is a combi boiler and you set it to 50 C. Regardless of the temperature of your home, your combi boiler works until the water circulating in the installation reaches 50 C, and stops when it reaches 50 C. Although everything seems normal here, this system causes your monthly bills to be approximately 35% higher.
    When the room thermostat is used, your combi will still operate at 50 C, but when your house reaches the desired temperature, the room thermostat turns off your combi and prevents it from operating unnecessarily, regardless of how many degrees the installation water is.


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