• Wireless Room Thermostat(WT-02)

    Due to the knowledge and expertise we have built up over the years, We have designed some boiler thermostat products that are both cost-effective and full-featured,They are smart thermostats that can be controlled remotely via app, and are also 7days programmable thermostats, better according to...
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  • What is wiring centre ?

    What is wiring centre ?

    The wiring centre is where all the wiring for a under floor heating system meets. Normally it is installed at Kitech or a baseroom near the boiler and cicurlation pump. At this big box, all thermal actuators installed to control each room at apartment or house.  Such wiring centre or signal con...
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  • How does your wireless room thermostat work?

    How does your wireless room thermostat work?

    Wireless thermostats control heating systems over radio frequencies known as RF thermostats (433/868Mhz). Generally, E-Top wireless thermostats are battery-powered, depended on the products there also USB power wireless thermostat e.g. WT-20.Making them portable so they can be placed wherever is ...
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  • What is Opentherm Thermostat?

    What is Opentherm Thermostat?

    OpenTherm is an open standard digital interface for modern boilers. Normally a simple relay is used to turn the boiler on or off at traditional heating system. When any room require heat, boiler is on to heat water to preset temperature. Only when thermostat tells it turn off, traditional boiler ...
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  • Why E-Top Thermostat ?

    Why E-Top Thermostat ?

    E-Top Controls is a room thermostat manufacturer at China since 2003.  We are professional at different technology thermsotat production include 4.3inch Color touch smart thermostat for underfloor heating as HT-CS03,  Negative LCD  Floor Heating Thermostat as HT-08, Positive LCD Programmable ther...
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  • Radiant Floor Heating Systems

    Radiant Floor Heating Systems

    How Does Radiant Floor Heating Work? Using thermal radiation and electromagnetic waves, a radiant floor heating system warms up a room by heating the floor directly rather than warming the air in the room. Radiant systems heat the floor, and that heat radiates up and is absorbed by other objects ...
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  • How do ETOP thermostats work with Alexa?

    How do ETOP thermostats work with Alexa?

      “ Alexa, turn on the bedroom thermostat.” “ Alexa, what’s the temperature of bedroom thermostat.” “ Alexa, set the temperature to 35 degrees.”   If you have an Amazon Alexa, you probably have tried plenty of voice commands to control room temperature heating and cooling. There is no ...
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